Dotec-Audio Complete Pack 2017 Full License (x86x64)


Dotec-Audio COMPLETE PACK 2017 with Latest release is a pack of plug-ins including a crack keygen for activation. It is a special combo set with DeeTrim, DeeFat, DeeMax, DeeEQ, DeeGain, DeeCompressor, DeePanpot, DeeSpeaker and also DeeGate.

DeeFX 1.0.1 Multi Effector / VST & AU plug-in.
DeeFX is a VST/AU plugin with following features:
– Thorough pursuit of the three major effects.
– Impacted effect processing just by moving the slider up and down.
– Intuitive operation like DJ effector, Guitar pedals.
– Distortion destroys the sound extremely and FAT.
– By synchronizing with the filter, you can easily manipulate a well-known combination.

DeeEQ 1.0.2 Crack is a VST & AU plugin with following features:
– You can get the best equalizing with only two sliders.
– “More(less) bass(treble)”etc.You can use it by your sensuous.DeeEQ is semi-automatic EQ.
– Cut(boost) by a vertical slider. Emphasize Bass (treble) by a horizontal slider.

DeeMax 2.1.0 Crack Maximizer / VST & AU plug-in
– Can get fat saturation when you increase the slider
– TURBO Switch : Turn on to add more punchy sound
– SAFE Switch : Excessive saturation will be watched by real time and corrected smoothly.

DeeComp 2.1.0 Compressor / VST & AU plug-in:
– Ultra quality sound from high speed algorithm with state-of-art technology
– Super-fast operation ensured by multi-core enabled processing engine
– Side Chain feature, a must have for EDM producers/writers(*).

DeeFat 1.0.5 Auto Compressor / VST & AU plug-in:
– Only one slider will control compressor to get FAT sounds.
– Can be used in LIVE situation since DeeFat runs fast and works gracefully.

DeeTrim 2.0.0 Auto Leveler / VST & AU plug-in:
DeeTrim is a simple plugin which controls the volume from -12dB to +3dB. It can keep the output level constant from any input level.

DeeGain 1.0.5 Crack Channel tool / VST & AU plug-in:
DeeGain is a simple plugin which controls the volume from -20db to +20db. Insert DeeGain between the other effect plugins, then it will work like the gain/trim control of a mixer console.

DeeSpeaker 1.0.4 License Key Monitor Simulator / VST & AU plug-in:
DeeSpeaker is a plugin which simulates near-field speaker that areplaced at an angle of 45 degrees to 1m destination with a headphone.

DeeGate 1.0.0 Noise gate / VST & AU plug-in:
This is a very simple noise gate that mutes sounds smaller than the volume you set. The threshold can be set from -60 to 0 dB. Muting of noise in mic & line recording, cut the decay as an effector.

DeePanpot 2.0.0 Channel tool / VST & AU plug-in:
– Controls “pan” of the stereo source, not the “balance”
– Adds “Haas Effect” to reproduce more realistic pan.

Dotec-Audio Plugins Bundle 2017 work on these hosts:
– Cubase8.x
– Sonar X2 – PLATINUM
– Logic Pro X 10.x
– Ableton Live 9.x
– Studio One 3.x
– FL Studio 12.x
– Acid 7.0e.
Installation Instructions by softasm:
1- Open [Setup Dotec-Audio v2017.04.exe] and install the software.
2- Close the program completely. Also close your Internet connection.
3- Run Crack Keygen “Dotec_KeyGen.exe”, type your email and click on Register button. You should see “License is successfully registered!”.
4- Finally enjoy Dotec Audio Activation License Full Version.


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