ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.3.2016.0 + Crack x86x64


ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.3.2016 latest is part of the new generation of ESET solutions designed to protect corporate environments. This new generation of solutions is based on the powerful core of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, offering multiple layers of Malware detection using the TheatSense ® engine and the new ESET Live Grid, cloud-based file reputation service technology. This new solution is fully managed from the new version of ESET Remote Administrator.

Eset Endpoint Antivirus 6.3 License Patch Features:

ESET Live Grid – this new technology in the new generation of ESET solutions allows to compare the reputation of files with a base of safe files it finds on the Internet, which is growing thanks to the use of users, if a file was previously analyzed by a user this would be kept at the base, which will reduce future analyses of the same file waiting times , since comparing the results obtained by the rest of the users.

Intelligent detection – Eset Endpoint Antivirus 6.3 Crack Download 32 & 64 bit focuses on proactive malware detection using advanced heuristics to protect against unknown threats and uses databases of generic signatures to detect already known malware families. Computers are more vulnerable to internet threats during the process in which are released until the corresponding base of firms is generated. The powerful technology of ESET ThreatSense engine behind minimizes the risk of infection during this time gap.

Email clean and safe – apart from that your company use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, or other client e-mail POP3/IMAP, ESET Endpoint Antivirus will keep your email free of any type of malware.

Device control – now with Endpoint Antivirus ESET can create rules for a user specific or a group of users to allow what types of devices can be used or not within your company from the definition of policies on the family of devices, make or model. You can also set the permissions of reading and/or writing according to your needs, and CD/DVD drives, block devices mass storage, USB printers, Bluetooth devices, readers of memories, among others. In addition, when connecting the device on the computer, ESET Endpoint Antivirus ask him if you want to scan it, or if you want to create a rule to perform certain actions on that device.

(HIPS) intrusion prevention system – create policies to configure the behavior of the operating system, by setting rules for the registry keys, processes and applications, monitoring critical system files and blocking any unauthorized modification which will attempt to perform on these.

Presentation mode – use the new ESET solutions in “stealth mode”, activating the presentation mode is to disable all the ESET Endpoint Antivirus visual alerts, including updates of bases of signatures or notifications by threats, so that you can effectively make your presentation without being interrupted by pop-up windows for the program antivirus. The presentation mode can be activated manually or can be configured to activate when it detects applications running in full-screen.

Installation Instructions:

1- Open [eea_nt64_enu.msi] for x64 or [eea_nt32_enu.msi] for x86 and install the software.
2- Disable Self-Defense in Advanced setup -> HIPS
3- Run Hacktivator.exe as admin and wait several seconds for “Hacktivation done.” message and click OK.
4- When you want uninstall or activate ESET Endpoint product on “regular” way, first run Deactivator.exe.
Enjoy Eset Endpoint Antivirus 6.3 final full version.


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