FumeFX 4.1 for 3ds Max 2018 Cracked


Download FumeFX 4.1 for 3ds Max 2018 Pre-Activated at Softasm. Fluid dynamics engine designed for simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosion and other gaseous phenomena. It’s versatility, robustness and intuitive workflow makes it a perfect solution for the most demanding tasks in the computer graphics industry. The core engine allows user to interfere with simulation computation at the lowest level. It is available for 3ds max and Maya. Designed for use by visual effects artists, game developers, and visualization professionals who demand the utmost in realism, FumeFX is unrivalled in its ability to capture the nuance and complexity of fluid gas behavior.

FumeFX 4.1 Rendering:
– mental ray for 3ds Max renderer support – available for both Windows and Linux.
– The GPU accelerated Preview Window gives users almost instant feedback on render settings.
– Fast self-shadowing is produced through an Illumination Map which is integrated inside of the FumeFX object.
– A highly efficient Multiple Scattering model enhances light dispersion throughout fluid and between multiple FumeFX grids..
– Smoke and Fire sharpening.
– Built in motion blur.
– Fluid Mapping integrates procedural map details with fluid motion.
– The dynamic FusionWorks atmospheric renderer provides:
– Render Elements: Fire, Smoke, Velocity
– Proper blending with AfterBurn and ScatterVL Pro.
– Balanced mixing of FumeFX and compatible atmospherics with 3ds Max Fog
– Ability to apply Image Motion Blur
– Option to affect Effect Channel
– Z depth.

Supported 3ds Max versions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016.5 2017 and 2018. FumeFX is designed for realistic and breathtaking fire, smoke and explosion effects.

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Installation Instructions by Softasm.com:
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