GlassWire Pro 1.1.7 + Patch



Download GlassWire Pro 1.1.7 Final Release is a powerful yet an easy to use firewall to protect incoming/outgoing Internet connections and applications behavior. One of the best Windows firewall alternative software that keeps a sharp eye on your network activities and detects unusual actions. It can supply the user with the information of the type of traffic depending on geographical geolocation.

>‌GlassWire Pro 1.1.7 Key Features:

GlassWire Pro 1.1.7 monitors the activity in the network based on traffic analysis of all active processes and applications that connect to external Internet servers. It displays and alerts about all connecting applications and processes that are using bandwidth. GlassWire creates a clear visualization of current activity on your network and display easy-to-use chart-through which we can easily read the activity of individual elements and processes and gives a general highlighting of Internet usage.

Among the most compelling features of GlassWire Pro 1.1.7 + Patch that holds all the aces is that it can detect potentially dangerous or malicious applications that violate user privacy or may adversely affect the work of our operating system. Besides, this incredible software shows changes in system files whenever a change has been attempted, and fights against ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing attacks.

GlassWire Pro 1.1.7 Installation Instructions:

Open [GlassWireSetup] and install the software.
Do not open the program and completely close it.
Run [glasswire-patch] as admin and patch the program.
That’s all. Enjoy the final full version


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