Little Snitch 3.6.1 Full Download OS X


Little Snitch 3.6.1 Final is a powerful firewall for Mac PCs and a useful incoming/outgoing traffic monitoring tool. Programs that use the Internet connection often send to different types of network data. Little Snitch allows you to detect unauthorized connection attempts-oriented tool is for outbound traffic. In the case of detection of suspicious activity, the user can decide what to do. Flexible configuration options allow you to specify a list of trusted applications. In addition, Little Snitch contains the new network monitor which clearly shows the incoming and outgoing traffic in real time.

Little Snitch 3.6.1 Serial Key Features:

Little Snitch is an application designed to monitor the network while you browse through the Internet and thus to prevent the theft of personal information. To this end, it implements a powerful firewall that controls all requests for sending information to your computer. In the main window of Little Snitch 3.6.1 Crack Patch Download, it is possible to keep track of all the programs that have been trying to establish a connection, either UDP or TCP, and through which port.

While it is true that Mac computers are quite safe, no PC is spared from attacks by hackers. So download Little Snitch free and protects your privacy. Once intercepted all these requests, a message from the application will allow you to decide whether you accept or slow sending this information over the network, either of time or permanently. It is also possible to configure rules to respond automatically according to the application that is making the connection attempts.


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