Magic Retouch Pro 4.2 Fully Cracked (Win-Mac)


Magic Retouch Pro 4.2 Latest Full for Windows and Mac OS X compatible with Photoshop CC 2018 download at Softasm. This is a plug-in for Photoshop with which you can do professional level of photo retouching without any knowledge of retouching. Paint brush over the skin and MRP will retouch the skin automagicaly. Teeth Whitening and option to manually whiten teeth for greater control and precision.

With Magic Retouch Pro. You can do professional-level retouching, without any retouching knowledge. The plug-in is beautiful and intuitive to work with. Get the results faster by using sliders, instead of actions.
Magic Retouch Pro, includes a wide variety of features. Including Skin Retouching, Eye Enhancer, Eye Color Change, Eye Shade, Natural Lips Color Boost, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Digital Makeup, Hair Color Change, Teeth Whitener, Blush On, and 4 skin effects which include, Tan Skin, Candy Skin, Gritty Skin, and High Key Skin effects.

Magic Retouch Pro, is updated on a regular base. We add new features, and bug fixes, to improve the quality of this product, based on our user feedback. Magic Retouch Pro, can be used in plug-in panel mode. The panel can also be positioned anywhere you want, and can also be docked.

Magic Retouch Pro is easy to use with a lot of learning resources, such as PDF User Guide, and video tutorials. With rich feature set and low price. Magic retouch pro, is a perfect retouching package, for amateur and professional photographers.

– Basic skin retouching (Retouch fast and easy).
– Change look of the skin to Tan Skin, Candy Skin, Gritty Skin, & High Key Skin.
– Boost natural color of lips just by brushing over the lips.
– Advanced skin retouching (Retouch images quickly while retaining full control over skin texture and smoothness and achieve professional retouching results).
– Blemish/Pimples Removal.
– Realistically change eyes color with Eyes Color Changer.
– Teeth Whitening.
– Eyes Enhancement.
– Eyes Color Changer.
– Digital Makeup.
– Eye Shade.
– Natural lip color boost.
– Lip gloss.
– Lipstick.
– Blushon.
– Hair color changer.
– Skin looks (Tan skin, Candy skin, High-Key skin, Gritty skin).
– Apply Digital Makeup such as Lips Stick, Blush on, & Eye Shade.
– Automatic Dodge and Burn.
– Manual Dodge and Burn.
– Image Effects.
– Intelligent image post processing.
– Integrated inside Photoshop as the panel.

VERSION 4.2 has support for Photoshop CC 2018 Windows and MacOSX.

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