Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 + Crack Update OS X


Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 Final Release Direct Download Link for Mac OSX.

– Both Massive 1.5.0 cracks and Massive 1.5.0 Update download are included in this package. The cracks are fully compressed so you need 7zip program to extract the crack files.

– This software is used to allow users develop and create amazing beats and music instrumentals.

– It can also be used to record audio and record voice – Apply voice effects.

– One of the FL Studio competitors on the Internet and reached millions of downloads.

– Compose amazing sounds using the large library offered by the program. Users also have the possibility to download extra additional libraries of sounds and instruments.

– Among the music instruments that can be used to create sounds are: Synthesizer, Drum, bass, guitar, percussion, piano, flute, violin, kick, etc.

– The installation is easy, just install Massive v1.5.0 by clicking on setup files then go to crack folder and copy the content to where you have installed the program. Hooray! Enjoy Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 Full Version.


      • Sam Penny Hello,

        First of all, download the setup 1.4.0 “Massive_142_Mac.dmg” here:
        Install the update “Massive v1.5.0 UPDATE.dmg”
        Extract the CRACKS.7z files to a folder using WinZip or Winrar, etc
        In OSx, find audio folder which is in: Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/
        Copy all the files that you have extracted from CRACKS.7z to Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/

        That’s All!

        • Thanks for the reply. It’s still asking me to activate/buy/trial when ever i start to open it in Logic or Massive individually? here is a screenshot of the Audio File in Library. Is this how it should look? I just dropped the Files from Crack straight into Lib/Audio/Plugins

          • Still asks for the activation prompts though? i un-packaged the massive.componant file and put all the contents in Lib/Audio/plugs-in. Heres how it looks now. Its still asking me for the activation key. But if i just exit the it when it goes to the service centre it seems to go away, and i get full use of Massive? Grrr why can’t it be simple haha

          • @disqus_LvtjvjVnAi:disqus Hello! If you use Yosemite and El Capitan, you should probably use
            “BatChmod” to properly install and validate your plugins. Look for the
            “BatChmod” application here:
            Many people use this solution to change the permissions in OSX Yosemite
            and El Capitan. For my part, I successfully installed this plugin on
            OSX Mavericks, tested in Live 9.5 x86 & x64 and Logic Pro X.

          • Hey,

            it doesnt even show the Folder with Crack and the CRACKS.7z is just a text-file. I installed the 1.4 and the update for 1.5 too.

          • @disqus_HAEHdTXhHW:disqus CRACKS.7z is not a text file. It’s a 7-Zip file and can be extracted using WinRAR or WinZIp. Inside the, there is a package of cracked files and plugins. Keep in mind that the file is over 200 MB which is not possible to be a text file.

          • @disqus_HAEHdTXhHW:disqus No, you are not missing a single thing. You just need to install [ Massive_142_Mac.dmg ] and [ Massive v15.0 UPDATE ] then extract the CRACK.7Z using WinRAR or WinZIp.

  1. Вообщем я разобрался как крякнуть.

    В папке кряк дается 3 файла massive.component and massive.vs and Massive.

    massive.component копируйте в папку HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/Components

    massive.vst копируйте в папку HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/vst

    Файл Massive копируйте в папку где установлено само приложение, то есть Finder/programs/Massive.
    Все файлы надо заменить. Translate language Russian –> English.


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