OO Defrag Pro 19.0 Build 87 + Serial


O&O Defrag Professional Edition 19.0 Final – Unlike other computer optimizing tools, this program comes with special treats to optimize the performance of hard drive by performing intelligent defregmentation process. Before starting this type of operation, Defrag Pro 19 free download audits your hard disk and display all information about disk including disk space, disk capacity, The Windows Disk Defragmenter process fragmented files on hard disk to improve user performance, but still not having all the necessary options for a full-featured disk defragmentation.

O&O Defrag Pro 19 Key Features:

OO Defrag Pro 19 Crack will carry out the work on disks that have the type of NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions, whether they are internal hard drive or external storage units, as they could be memory cards or USB sticks. Having no fragmented files or rather the print of these makes the speed of reading, even bigger than the same program that implements our operating system with the same characteristics.

This work is necessary to carry it out in this type of units, since while we get that its operation of response is faster, we can prolong the useful life of the device in question. You know if you want your components to go faster when it comes to access to your files and at the same time let’s get these last us longer this application is what you are probably looking for.

– Searches for and removes temporary and unnecessary files that are taking up memory and increasing fragmentation.
– Increases the security of your data, as private content (e.g. Thumbs.db, copies of documents, drafts of emails, Dumps).
– Speed up your PC and graphically displays how a regular disk cleanup optimizes your PC speed.
– Organizing the files on your hard disk, your computer can read them much quicker.
– Permanently delete free space on your hard disks to prevent identity and confidential files theft because deleting files under Windows leaves traces of data still on the disks.
– Disk speed optimizer to run multiple hard drives can be defragmented simultaneously.

O&O Defrag Pro 19 Installation Instructions:

Open [OODefrag19Professional32Enu.exe] for 32bit or [OODefrag19Professional64Enu.exe] for 64 bit and install the software.
Use the serial number and register the program.
That’s all. Enjoy O&O Defrag Pro 19 Full Version Download.


    • @disqus_MqCh4LEl7n:disqus Man close Internet connection or block their update server via hosts file AND
      block each of their programs with the Windows advanced firewall.

      Add this to the hosts file oo-software.com corp.oo-software.com update10.oo-software.com

      There’s a chance they changed their update server hence why you use
      advanced firewall to make sure. You can google for help on that one.

  1. Hello, I would make a note to the administrator of the site … The site is very nice but it risks losing credibility because of the two icons of downloads (green and blue), that try to install malicious sofware. Instead, the link bottom is fast and clean. If you try to find another way to publicize the site …

    It adds the information, that to install OO Defrag Pro 19.0 you have to logout from the Internet during recording and everything works.

    Greetings and you’re good



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