OS X El Capitan 10.11 Bootable Direct Download


El Capitan OS X v10.11 the final version, as it was named, focuses not only on the new features, but also for adequate performance. Apple states that the system is much faster than its predecessor. OS X 10.11 El Capitan offers some interesting news. Mail management in full-screen mode will be much easier. All thanks to the implementation of the intuitive gestures, which will allow for example. to quickly delete a message. You will be able to move the screen to create a new message, on the bottom, that at the same time view received emails. Messaging will be more intuitive-all thanks to the implementation of the cards. With their help you will be able to work on several messages at the same time.

-Spotlight gets even smarter in El Capitan, delivering results for weather, sports, stocks, web video, and transit information
– The powerful new Notes app is more than a great way to jot down a quick thought and keep track of it for later
– A streamlined Mission Control makes it easier to see and organize everything you have open on your Mac
– Give your photos a more personal touch with third-party editing tools
– Improved full-screen support and swipe gestures in Mail let you make quick work of your correspondence
– Running lots of apps at the same time is one of the great things about using a Mac. Focusing on just one app in full-screen view is another
– With OS X El Capitan, the best browser for your Mac brings new tools for better surfing


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