Rebel Galaxy Patch (GOG) Full


Rebel Galaxy is a fantastic space adventure game, filled with pirate Galaxy is an action fights, review, and negotiation of deals with strange discovery, residents on the edge of the known universe. In the game you get into the role of Commander of the space ship, which will sail through space and explores the strange phenomena, fights with pirates, mined materials and is communicating with the locals. All fights will be take place in real time.

Rebel Galaxy Full version is definitely different. Sure, you’re still getting through space, but in contrast to the aforementioned titles you can not move here in 3D space, but always flies on a 2D plane. You still read with? Well, because listen up you shouldn’t. What sounds at first glance a very limited, is mainly two things: entertaining and enjoyable.

You can move only on a 2D plane, it is not necessarily true of your adversary. As bombers and fighters floating around ever wild about you, but for you so your gun turrets that you can shoot holes in their hulls. You served just the broadside guns, the gun turrets fire way, independently, which is pretty handy. Hit you damage the cover off until each front and rear as well as right and left the shields, then comes.


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