Windows XP Black Edition Cracked 2015 (x86)


Download Windows XP 32bit and 64 bit from softasm. Microsoft Windows XP has been used for years by millions of users around the world, yet in 2006 Windows Vista has appeared in the market with new design, tools, Aero layouts and new cutting edge technology that fit modern laptops and desktop computer. In the late of 2014 Microsoft has decided to give away Windows XP and announced that they will not release updates and security support for Windows XP –¬†Windows XP Black Edition Cracked 2015 (x86).

Thus, using the latter becomes a good and easy spot for hackers to hack Windows XP users. If you want to download XP, we recommend you to avoid sharing your personal data since the privacy hole is becoming weaker in XP. Another factor you won’t have to install XP is the most popular software developers are not releasing applications compatible with XP. The majority have moved to Windows 7, 8 and 10.



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